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A Night at the Opera: Prelude

For the most part, Liam has managed to live his life exactly as he's wanted to since his return, given the undesirable circumstances. He's starting to hatch a scheme or two and he's been catching up on everything that's happened since his death, and he's managed to do so without drawing much by way of attention to himself. A quiet little rented flat out in the city has been acquired, and he spends much of his time in solitude -- thinking, thinking, thinking. It's almost peaceful, really.

So naturally he isn't on the mansion grounds for two minutes before that Break, who he has been studiously avoiding, manages to catch hold of him and drag him off to his room, yammering on about opera. Now, Liam finds himself staring in dismay at the violently colorful clashing innards of Break's closet while Xerxes roots around in his vanity -- why does he have a vanity? -- for hairpins, and all he can do to cope with the situation is do his damnedest not to flashback to the night of that party at home.

"Really, Xerxes, I can't even fathom why you want to go so badly. Are you really that bored? Your counterparts manage to keep themselves in no end of trouble, you know."

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