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A Night at the Opera: Prelude

For the most part, Liam has managed to live his life exactly as he's wanted to since his return, given the undesirable circumstances. He's starting to hatch a scheme or two and he's been catching up on everything that's happened since his death, and he's managed to do so without drawing much by way of attention to himself. A quiet little rented flat out in the city has been acquired, and he spends much of his time in solitude -- thinking, thinking, thinking. It's almost peaceful, really.

So naturally he isn't on the mansion grounds for two minutes before that Break, who he has been studiously avoiding, manages to catch hold of him and drag him off to his room, yammering on about opera. Now, Liam finds himself staring in dismay at the violently colorful clashing innards of Break's closet while Xerxes roots around in his vanity -- why does he have a vanity? -- for hairpins, and all he can do to cope with the situation is do his damnedest not to flashback to the night of that party at home.

"Really, Xerxes, I can't even fathom why you want to go so badly. Are you really that bored? Your counterparts manage to keep themselves in no end of trouble, you know."

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"Of course I want to go - because you're coming too~!"

Before Liam has a chance to call him on his circular logic, Break presents him with a handful of pins.

"I count fifty there, now you can't complain you don't have enough. Aaaaah, but I suppose I ought to get dressed first."

He drops the pins into Liam's palm and closes his fingers over them. Break then turns to his closet, humming brightly and tunelessly to himself as he pulls out various outfits, jackets and ruffled shirts and cravats and breeches, most of them oversized and all of them vibrant in color and pattern.

He is, truth to tell, delighted to have run across this Liam again. He's been feeling distinctly Liamless lately, as the one who had lived across the hall from him had mysteriously vanished one day. He had looked and looked, imagining him to be lying in a ditch somewhere, or lost in the basement, or simply trapped somewhere alone and dying. But he'd found nothing, and no one knew anything. It seems that this is just one of those things that happen here, in this place.

But Break still has the feeling that he's somehow responsible; if he'd only been more careful. He'll keep a closer watch on this one.
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He submits to being shooed, but doesn't sit; rather, he hovers, with a hand on Liam's arm.

"Let you choose my clothes? Hmm, well - I don't know about that. You'll put me in a dress~!"
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"Cos yooooou always wear dresses, to events like these. With gold braid and the little tassels on, swish swish swish!"

Liam always had a distinctive style of attire, even as a child. Did he not know, not care, or was he proud of it? The latter seemed unlikely, as Liam turned up in his Pandora uniform as often as he was able.

"...I suppose Lord Flea Brain likes seeing you in them, hmmm?"
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"I will be wearing nothing of the sort."

The "ever again" is implied, underneath that cold, cold voice.

"I doubt the same is true for your own Liam, but that man's opinions no longer have any bearing at all on what I do."
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"Too bad, cos you looked adorable in them and--what?"

Break has been exploring the yet-undetermined sequin-spangled garment with his hands. It's a tube top. Fortunately for everyone, Break has no knowledge of tube tops, and is simply puzzled by the stretchy cylinder of fabric.

"He... he doesn't? Well, er. Good for you, I suppose, but... why? You always seemed so devoted."
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"Is he? What happened? Ha~! Did he write Lady Sheryl one love letter too many?"

Break tosses the confusing tube top aside, and sets about unbuttoning his jacket, which today is a bright green morning coat. He's got an orange plaid waistcoat on underneath.

"I saaaaay, have you found anything for me yet? I don't want to miss the first act, and you've still got to pin my hair!"
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If it were anyone else in the mansion, Liam would likely lie right through his teeth without a blink of his eye; to make any of his plans work, he needs to be seen as just another Liam, passive and unthreatening, at his best behind a desk and carrying a Chain so useless it can only provide any benefit as a desperate last resort. But having a Break close to him will complicate matters, if only in his own mind, where he doesn't pass a minute without missing his own. Better to keep as firm a wall between them as he can, keep this Break aware that what he's dealing with isn't what he's used to. Maybe even scare him off -- as lonely as that would be, in the end.

And so, the reply is a blunt, "He's dead because I killed him. And yes; I've found you a waistcoat, at least. It's even purple."
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Meanwhile, Break has been assiduously convincing himself that Liam is a Liam is a Liam. By this time, he has shrugged his jacket off and shed his waistcoat. He is thoughtfully unbuttoning his shirt (from the bottom; he'll be careful about that, and turn away to change it).

"Purple? Sounds looooovely, and how about a--"
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Liam, it's true, sounds colder than usual. But Liam can sound that way from time to time, for instance, when he's been egregiously tardy with his reports and Liam has had to do them all to avert some sort of catastrophe.

But -- what? Kill Lord Barma?

"Ha! Haha! N-not that anyone could blame you, Mister Liam. But - you are joking, aren't you?"
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Break is, of course, no stranger to political intrigue and assassination. The Nightrays were blamed for it most often, but no House was pure. Everyone in Pandora had steeped their hands in blood; it was just a matter of how directly.

And yet, it had been a source of comfort to him, to think of Liam being off the front lines and out of harm's way. His nature is naturally to recoil from violence; therefore, something must have driven him to it.

Driven him. Damaged him. Something - or someone. Break has an idea who that might have been.

"I... I see."

Rather than disapproving, he sounds sad.
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Lord Barma, in fact, had probably orchestrated his share of assassinations; Break had suspected him of more than a few. No doubt that's why he guarded the true nature of his appearance so jealously. There were probably any number of people who wanted Barma dead.

"Lord Flea Brain can go hang, as far as I'm concerned. I'd congratulate the man who shot him -- if he were any man but you."
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Liam rolls his eyes.

"You may rest assured that I seem to be singular amongst the Liams, as far as violence, scheming, and a willingness to actually take action are concerned." There's the sound of more rummaging, as Liam locates a cravat in a shade of lavender which Break would no doubt find pleasing -- and, magically, does not clash with the waistcoat. "Of all the others I've met, only one other refrains from spending all their time behind a desk, and she is recently burdened with a child."

It's a shame, that. She might have been useful.
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