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hunting of the snark (might become gory in comments!)

It's not as if he cares about random citizens of this city being butchered in gruesome ways, really. But if it's an illegal contractor with a dangerous Chain behind the murders, he can't just let it go. Especially not with the few people he actually cares about here, the funny-talking Break and the trouble-magnet Liam, already having been killed recently. He is still frustrated that he couldn't do anything about those murders, but he decides he can do something about this new wave of killings. He hopes to expose the killer and put a stop to it before another Liam or Break gets killed.

He's done his share of field work, so he's well trained in  tracking illegals and has even helped capture a few in his time with Pandora. Besides that, he already has an idea, a hunch you might call it, of which Chain is behind these massacres. So he goes on a private hunt, starting by looking for the kind of place a young woman with an unusual looking male companion might have recently rented an apartment.

The city isn't really all that large, and he's good at getting strangers to talk to him, tell him what they've seen, who's new in the neighborhood. He looks so harmless and so trustworthy.

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The city may not be large, but those who talk will lead Liam somewhere at the edge of it, even if it's not so much an apartment but a nice cottage some elderly couple were renting. Not that he gets very close to it-

"You're far away from the mansion," Snark is already behind him, head tilted with a somewhat curious look. He had been patrolling the area that was, for now, his territory. Elizabeth was inside of their temporary home resting, the seal was slowly turning and was taking a lot out of her.

The poor girl.
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"She is settling well enough," that fear is settling deep within her soul. Frantic, not wantin to be caught. Begging almost to be assured she was doing the right thing, that those people were suffering. She was just freeing them of this world.

Nothing was real, they would be better off dead. Liam had been very helpful when he spun a larger tale to her.

"Distance is still distance, even if at a certain point you come back to the beggining of it all."

His arms were folded across his chest, watching him carefully. Snark had been following him for a little while, watching his line of questions to find where they were. An interesting human indeed- but too curious for his own good. A pity.
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There's hint of a smirk in the smile that suddenly curves the chain's lips, showing off the sharp teeth for but a moment in something a littl off pleasent.

"I've kept her from doing such a thing, it isn't wise nor safe to go into something alone with so little information and no back up."

His head tilts further to the side as his gaze falls past Liam for a moment, as if seeing something else, hands soon enough resting on his hips, "There's been a lot of chaos in the city of late."
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"Who needs illegal contractors when there are uncontracted Chains about? My, you never know when one of those decides they are bored and do something to fix it."

It's a tad dismissive, eyes following something before what appears to be a horse that has gotten loose from somewhere gallops by, watching it for a moment as it goes down the way.

He glanced back towards Liam, chuckling, "Of course you're the one who brought that up. You've some suspicions?"
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"It is the work of a Chain," glancing back towards the cottage for a moment, "the main reason I haven't let her go out on her own since then.

"Someone is going about saying it's likely a stray wild animal to keep those in town from panicing or asking too many questions- Gilbert, I think."
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"Afraid not."

An easily masked lie- eyes narrowing as he could hear the faintest sounds of stirring from within the cottage, "The elderly couple give her enough company, and don't chains tend to go for more populated areas?"

"Perhaps you shou-" It was the screaming that broke him off, eyes narrowing as he tooks off towards the cottage, it growing louder and painfilled.

Dammit, he thought it had finished moving for the day.
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This isn't good, he'd follow him inside the cottage and the chain knew it. Even as he flung open the front door and made his way into the bedroom he had left her in. What those screams sounded of, that if he let him see-

Snark was already on the bed with her, taking the still screaming girl into his arms against his chest. He couldn't let them be found out so easily, couldn't let it end now when he had been so careful.
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Stupid weak human.

"Could you fetch a cloth soaked in cold water, there should be one in the kitchen by the sink," fingers moving through that tangled blond and curly hair, tying it back with one hand as the other kept her facing him, rested against his chest, "She's a fever."

Deadly calm as her screaming started to grow quieter, trembling fingers curled into his clothing. He'd have to do something about Liam now.
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Liam is met with bared razor sharp teeth and long canines instead of a reply by the girl, along with a low snarling growl.

"She has a fever! Get the damned wash cloth instead of trying to speak to a girl who can do more than scream right now!"

He was irritated, eyes narrowed and that odd tail of his- mixed with blue and gree fur in the pattern of peacock feathers- was frazzled, poofed up, as it lashed behind him. Even as Elizabeth trembled against his chest still, sweat causing what clothing she had to cling to her, but it was from no fever and he knew it.

The pain was too much for her this day, the reason he hadn't planned to go out and collect this night. She was in no shape to keep quiet and move as he needed her to.
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He'd wait for Liam to be out of sight before peeling part of the nightdress down from the girl's shoulder. Fingers brushed against skin where the black mark was, tracing how much further it moved from just that morning. It was close to halfway now.

More would have to be killed soon, and he would have to devour more flesh, just to make her last longer. Their work wasn't done yet, and she was not yet driven far enough she would make a good meal herself.

No Abyss for her to be dragged to here, no other Chains to compete with for fresh meat. She was all his when that time finally came-

Snark would pull the gown back into place when he heard Liam walking back.
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"It's a pity, you know."

Brushing stray blond hair away from the girl's face, thumb brushing against a flushed cheek. Her screams had stopped at least, her face wasn't screwed up in pain, it had stopped moving finally.

He didn't turn to look at Liam, "You are different from the others I had met- far more clever, far too nosey," he had heard him go for the ice box, plans running through his mind as soon as he figured the man found what was kept in there, "You found my snacks."

Liam had to die, and if he even twitched a finger to pull that trigger Snark would no longer be in sight.
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The shots dig into the headboard from the bed, one going through a large blue and green feather to blow it apart. Fingers curl around Liam's wrist as claws dig into it, working to jerk and twist it in a way to make that gun clatter to the floor.

Snark was a very quick Chain, always alert and ready to move when need be. This was no different, leaning against Liam's back as fingers rested along the front of his throat, ready to dig in, lips brushing near his ear.

"If only you hadn't tried to find us. I find you rather interesting, would have liked to get to know you better," he isn't lying either. There was something about this one that he liked, "You've seen to much for me to let you live, sadly."
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"Gain?" What a thought that was, "Something to do so I was no longer doing nothing but watching all of you. Anyone can only study the life of you people here for so long-

"It gets boring."

Fingers tightened around Liam's throat, letting go of his wrist once the gun dropped and was soon kicked across the floor. He could simply rip into the man's throat now and be done with it- but what would the fun in that be? Not let him have a little fight.

He slid a hand over Liam's front, soon moving into clothing as he searched, peering idily over his shoulder as he did. Snark didn't even care where he felt over, checking for anymore weapons he'd have to get rid of.
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Unfortunately Liam will hear the click of that derringer as it's pressed against his chest under that coat, "Looking for this?"

Assumptions could kill you in the Abyss fairly easily, and Snark had done his damndest to watch everything for any subtle hints to help him survive. It even applied here, and oh how he watched the people of this place, learned anything he may need to live longer and still do as he pleased.

"I'm not very fond of those, more so humans, who try to go about as if I'm easily fooled or stupid," a grazing of lips and teeth near Liam's throat as clothing is pushed down, claws digging steadily into flesh as his grip grew tighter, "I gave that female version a warning after her poor attempt of laughing behind my back, a small scratch really.

"Afraid that won't do with you, not after what you've found. I wonder how you'll taste."
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His arms wrapped around Liam, pinning the man's arms to his sides, head pressed against the side of his with his chin still rested against a shoulder.

"Secrecy is how I survived in the Abyss, without it I would not have survived to grow in strength- I stand out in the twisted thing it became," taking that gun, emptying out the bullet(s) right before Liam's eyes. Once done it was tossed off to the side, fingers curling beneath the other's chin, tongue running up along the side of his neck with a sharp nip to his jaw, drawing a little blood to get a taste.

His tongue trailed from his jaw and near an ear, "Contract, hm. I certainly would've considered it with someone like you," why yes, he was leaning against his back with a press, "There are quite a few tastes when it comes to a human; blood, flesh, muscle, organs- other liquids... but that is why this is such a pity."

The claw on his thumb had slowly cut across Liam's throat, starting a small trickling of blood, smearing it a bit across skin.

"I could kill you with a smile on your face," not that he would, but this was quite the interesting little game. It really was a pity he'd have to kill this man, but that was how things went at times.
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Even as a Chain there were vulnerabilities- but as such he came to expect things; the sagging had alerted him something was up for one thing.

Liam's head would have slammed against the wall instead of Snark's face, and possibly have stunned himself in a terrible backfiring of his movements. A hand would be back around his throat from the front, another going for the man's chest to slam him back against the wall before taking him down to the floor, "I am somewhat sorry it has to come to this with you," rubbing his side where the flailing had gotten part of him before he had managed to move, "I just cannot trust that you won't tell."

Sleeves were rolled back and pinned, moving down as wrists were held in one hand, "This is going to hurt, so let me hear your screams, hm? Let me enjoy you this way, since I cannot in another," digging fingers through the flesh of Liam's chest after straddling him there on the floor, working fingers between ribs. They were snapped and ripped outwards, muscle pried away, so he could fit a hand within the other's chest to reach for that heart.
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Fingers curled into Liam's hair, hand slid beneath his head, after letting go of his wrists once the screaming stopped, lifting his head up slightly. He looked odd without his glasses, not bad though.

Leaning down, lips brushed against his ear, "Don't be so curious, it did more than kill the cat."

Gripping tightly around the heart once it was found, ripping it outwards with a twist to tear apart connections. Snark licked over the organ as he sat back ontop of Liam, sampling the blood as it was still warm, even licking over his fingers and palm once letting it rest within his other hand, purring from the taste.