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Information Post

Here, you can find all the information you'll need about this Liam, from the history of his AU to his personality to the changes that were made when he switched players. For the fanfic that started it all, go here.

History: According to Pandora Hearts canon, Liam is the second son of an earl and a servant to the Barma household from a very young age. When he was eleven, Barma sent him to deliver a letter to Cheryl Rainsworth, who apparently decided to keep him -- she refused to send a response back for the next two years. During that time, Kevin Regnard fell out of the Rainsworth gate to the Abyss, and Liam was one of the first to discover the man who would ultimately become Xerxes Break. As he grew older, he gained employment at Pandora and made a Contract with the March Hare, a Chain whose secret power is that of False Death -- playing possum, essentially, in order to remove the wielder of this power as a target to attack. Liam has only used this power once, at Yura Isla's party, after having been attacked by Lily Baskerville's Bandersnatch.

As to this Liam, specifically -- elder brother Willis "Will" Lunettes is four years older; Raymond Lunettes is three years younger. The Lunettes family is very minor as nobility goes, and they were never able to claw their way any higher than they were. Their failure to advance left Liam's parents bitter over their lot in life, providing a major influence for the brothers -- Willis followed their father in the desire for social acceptance and the finer things in a noble's life, while Raymond developed even more political ambition than the parents had. All three felt driven to surpass the level at which their parents had been stopped.

Liam was the only one of the family who realized the value in being an undervalued, mostly unnoticed, small earldom. He could see that there was no way to break the ranks of the nobility by force or by expecting to be magnamomously rewarded by them with greater status (short of somehow being the heroes in another Tragedy, which not only seemed impractical to anticipate but also far too messy). He realized quite early on that they would have to take the whole structure down and start over, and that this would require subtle planning and patience. His inherent curiousity and intelligence made him a perfect match to fit into Barma's household, and then into Pandora. This was probably the first anyone in his family knew of the real nature of Pandora and of the Abyss. The fact that the higher nobility and the officials of Pandora kept it all under wraps just added fuel to their desire to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.

To that end, Liam patiently plotted out the way he and his brothers would overthrow the current hierarchy and take the power of it for themselves. He's been planning this takeover for well over 10 years. The planning and scheming itself has become as important to him as the results, but not so much that he's reluctant to get to the goal. In fact, if anything, the way events have been unfolding recently - since Oz returned from the Abyss, in particular - have made him more determined to wrest control of the country and the Abyss from those in power and put it all where he thinks it should be. He knows enough about the Abyss and the things that could happen with it, so besides family pride and ambition, he's become convinced it's not safe to leave it in the hands of Pandora and the nobles, to say nothing of letting the Baskervilles get control of it.

During the travesty of Yura's party (where he did not intend to be almost killed by the littlest Baskerville, and was extremely annoyed when it nearly happened) he learned several useful things - about Jack Vessalius, about the Baskervilles and Glen Baskerville in particular, and about the Abyss. In the aftermath of the party, while he was stuck with a fairly long period of forced inactivity while he recovered, he was left with ample time to read and ponder, and to put all this information together in his mind. He knew that Barma was going to figure out something about his secret plans and ambitions before too much longer, and his brothers were both getting restless. Oz's connection with Jack seemed likely to become troublesome if they weren't taken care of soon. He had learned of a way to kill Oz without releasing Jack, how to prevent Glen Baskeville's potential revival, and that Alice's B. Rabbit powers were waning, thus making Oz himself the bigger problem. He had also discovered that it was possible to hold multiple Chains simultaneously, which would allow for the five black-winged Chains to be divvied up between himself and his brothers -- not that this would be particularly healthy for them in the long run, but Liam is more than aware that he himself is the most useful of the three -- and that it was possible to kill Baskervilles with Hatter's power, which could be channeled into inanimate objects and thus place less of a drain on Break himself. This last bit was something that was a particularly important factor in his plans by this time.

Having all this knowledge in hand, he decided the time was right to put the plan into motion.

Duke Barma was murdered first. After that, he and his brothers went after the other dukedoms, the Baskervilles, and Pandora itself. The Rainsworth women were left alive, but exiled; Vincent Nightray survived as well, specifically so that a certain white-haired madman could terrorize him as he wished. Liam used this and the continued safety of the Rainsworths as a bargaining tool to lure him over to his own side of things, to say nothing of how close their relationship had become over the years. It worked. Now Xerxes Break is in the service of the house of Lunettes, who are about to reveal themselves as the new and only ruling family of the country, and is specifically in the very personal service of Mr. Liam Lunettes. With all this conquering and murdering and such accomplished, Liam's greatest concern is now keeping Break alive, and he is now actively seeking ways to prevent the Hatter's power from killing the other man -- even if it will mean forcibly breaking the Contract between them.

Personality: This Liam holds many of the traits his canon selves hold -- they have simply been taken in a darker direction. He is quiet, unremarkable, and remains mostly in the background, just as the other Liams; however, while it is debatable just how much of the canon Liams' constant failure to be noticed is deliberate, this Liam has always done it on purpose to advance his own goals and learn all he can about everything without making himself a known thread. Canon Liams are easy to frustrate, anger, and have a tendency to nag. This Liam is not simply flustered when he is making faces like you are the stupidest idiot on earth and telling you why you suck -- he means every word of it and probably hates you, especially if you are incompetent, waste his time, or both. He cares very deeply for his Xerxes Break and will go to great lengths to help him, a trait all Liams also share, but his own affection for Break is less friendly and more openly possessive, a fierce love that would be outright frightening if Break weren't such a mess himself. This Liam is polite and unassuming, and doesn't really bother anyone -- because it makes people trust him, and then he's more likely to get what he wants.

He is comfortable with his sexuality and open to experimentation for the fun of it, though he will avoid Breaks that are too similar to his own. His possessiveness will occasionally spread to others he takes an interest in, for whatever reason, but he typically won't show it unless forced -- often by that person being threatened, which he finds personally offensive to himself. He values intelligence and efficiency, and is irritated by people who cannot seem to make things happen, or bungle things repeatedly by not thinking things through. Because he knows how competent he is, he is occasionally arrogant and smug about himself and his own accomplishments, and this ego occasionally gets him into a bit of trouble.

After his death at the hands of Snark, his impatience for other people failing to get anything done will increase tenfold, and this will be one thing that motivates him to try and take over the city from the underground up. That and his vast need for control. He has spent so much of his life subtly pulling strings and directing things where he wants them to go that losing control over what is happening -- such as with Lily and Bandersnatch -- hits him deep and rankles, particularly since he does not lose control very often. He is fiercely intelligent, this Liam, and has a certain skill for manipulating the situations and people around him; and, conversely, for seeing what situations he'll need to compromise and work with more on his own end. Occasionally, he will manipulate other people into dangerous situations just to see what happens. He cares little for the personal safety of those he considers expendable.

Powers: Liam uses the seemingly useless March Hare to his advantage, because it suits him just fine that no one should expect him to be able to handle himself in a fight or have a Contract that is worth anything practical. His Chain gives him the power of False Death, and can also be used to distract his enemies -- his own Hare is capable of dazzling people just enough to throw them off, rather like the way March Hare distracted Lily in canon. His personality is well-suited to the Hare, really. Hare survives in the Abyss mostly by hanging around stronger Chains that will fight its battles for it, just as Liam will often sneakily shove his own fights off onto other people if he can.

He is not a fighter himself. He is capable of basic defense and is an excellent shot with a gun; in his own world, he's better than Vincent, though this is something he keeps to himself. Liam keeps in shape and has some experience in fieldwork, and will use his size to his advantage. However, he dislikes fighting, because if nothing else it's messy, and he knows he's far outmatched by experienced fighters. If he has the option, he will choose instead to ruin people from a distance, and is not too proud to retreat from a fight entirely and later dispatch the offending party in other ways.

It should be noted that he doesn't have any qualms about killing people, though. In canon, Liam shot a little girl in the head because she was a threat who had killed his coworkers and he knew she would kill again. This Liam has that cold ferocity, too -- but he doesn't necessarily need that much of a reason for it.