Mar. 5th, 2021


Mar. 5th, 2021 12:44 pm
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Light Affection: If no further physical relationship has been established, Liam will raise one eyebrow and assume your character is trying to get into his pants. If he is amenable to pants-diving, he will allow the touches and even perhaps make a move in return. If not, he'll cut your character off.

Sexytimez: Probably, if the chemistry is there. He will not snog any Break too like his own, so, pretty much no canon Breaks. He will also not allow anyone too close if he thinks their proximity could muddle his plans in some way. He is not, however, at all ashamed of his sexuality and the fact that he has an active drive for such things, and so long as there is an understanding that it's just a fling, he is willing to take lovers.

Fighting: He will avoid fights at all costs, so discuss with me first.

With the Ouching and the Hurting: Again, discuss with me first.

About the Mun: I am up at random hours so time-zone is irrelevant. Mostly, I rely on backtagging. When I am at my best I attempt to answer all of my tags once a day, but that isn't always happening due to real life constraints, so please be patient with me! I play multiple characters and am often scatterbrained enough that I must sometimes focus on only a few threads at a time, so it may be a couple of days between tags, but it is very rare that I drop threads. Likewise, even if it has been a few days since you tagged me, tag me anyway. No apologies necessary!


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