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one kiss is not enough

continued from this PHDR OOC meme

[Oh, yes. That's exactly what he was going for. And now that the other Liam is so thoroughly distracted, it's a good time to slip one hand down between them and find out if he's as aroused as he should be by now.

He's also keeping the other hand behind the other man's head, partly to keep hold of him and partly to keep him from whacking himself unconscious against the wall with the inevitable flailing to come.

And if he's done this just right, Hobbles won't even notice the click of the lock opening. Handsy does, but he ignores it. He's not finished  here yet.]
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[He wasn't even aware of it until his counterpart touched him, and then he does flail, his body caught between trying to push him away and wanting to move into that touch.

This is not happening. It can't be.]


[He doesn't hear the door click, too overwhelmed.]
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[He has, on occasion, but it often only makes him more frustrated. He feels it would be better to repress that as much as possible, until he can find a real outlet. And if he can't, he'll ignore it permanently.

He can't put together words, articulate anything. All he can do is try to push him away, but his counterpart is stronger, and his leg isn't in the right location to allow him to knee him with the effect he'd need.

Liam tries to control his body's reactions to the sensation through his clothing, and can't contain a soft groan when he fails.]
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[It's the fact that it's being forced, the fact that it's a version of him who is not exactly the most trustworthy of people, that makes this even worse.

Liam grabs at that hand, trying to force it away, trembling at the kisses, at the hint that he might be disrobed.]

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[The absence of the hand makes him even more aware of just how aroused he is, but he uses that to fuel his anger. After all, that arousal was forced on him. This person has no right!]

Get off of me!

[He has another hand, and he grabs the hand that's disrobing him with it.]
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[Pinned against the wall like this, Liam is starting to panic. Without full strength in his left arm, he can't force the other Liam off of him.

He shudders when that collar is open and clamps his lips around a moan at the combination of sensations. He refuses to vocalize this.

His body may be reacting, it may feel good, but it also feels wrong. Liam's words anger him.]

I'm denying you!

[Weak though it is, there are things he can do with his left hand to try to stop this, so he wraps that hand around the other Liam's throat. He'd prefer not to choke a version of himself, but this Liam isn't exactly deserving of the courtesy, forcing himself on him like this!]
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[The shudder was a combination of pleasure and disgust. It's the fact that this is being forced on him, by another version of him, that keeps him from giving in. It's possible that if this was a Xerxes he might give in, but this... He refuses.

He's going to actually squeeze harder now, since he's still pinned against the wall. And that smirk.]

I'd much prefer that you not touch me. Get off of me, or you'll be unconscious when you do.

[His right arm is cocked, ready to strike, now that it's free.]
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[Liam glares right back.

Unfortunately for his counterpart, Liam at this point has no qualms about hurting him--after all, he was just sexually assaulted. Thus as soon as he's pulled back enough, he'll be getting a knee to the groin, followed by a right hook to the face.]
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[Liam jumps out the door, not bothering to gloat. He can do that after he closes the door and locks his grope-y counterpart in.

He gives himself a moment to recover, grimacing at the fact that he's painfully aroused (he's going to have to take care of it himself, which is, in his humble opinion, better than being manhandled by Handsy), before calling through the door.]

I'll give you some time to cool off. I'm sure someone will let you out eventually.

[Vindictive? Him? Nooooo... Well, okay, maybe a little.]
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[Liam is mildly surprised not to be shouted at, but he's not going to stick around to see if that happens eventually.

For now, he's going to sneak to his room so he can take care of his little problem.

Damn that Handsy, anyway.]