neverasitseems: (ooh ho ho *smirk*)
neverasitseems ([personal profile] neverasitseems) wrote2011-05-11 07:32 am

That most dangerous game

He's got you right where he wants you. And he loves the look on your face when you suddenly realize it. His hand clenched in your hair, or his knuckle lifting your chin to look into his eyes, or just the weight of his body pressed against yours, makes it very clear.

Or if that's not enough, maybe it's the gun in his hand, the muzzle of it pressed against your skin.

"Now that you understand the situation, you're not really going to bother resisting me any longer, are you? That would be a foolish waste of your energy. Energy which is better spent on other things, hm?"

Then he makes his intentions perfectly clear by trailing his fingers over that one place on your body that he knows will make you squirm with pleasure -- whether you want it or not.

*ooc: Let me know what kind of scenario you would like to go with here.Give in (and relish every minute of it), or resist and turn the tables if you prefer! I would rather not do actual non-con, but anything else from consensual bdsm to reluctantly enjoyed dub-con is fine. I'll try action or prose as you prefer; this is all practice for me, so feel free to give me pointers along the way, too. *

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