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That most dangerous game

He's got you right where he wants you. And he loves the look on your face when you suddenly realize it. His hand clenched in your hair, or his knuckle lifting your chin to look into his eyes, or just the weight of his body pressed against yours, makes it very clear.

Or if that's not enough, maybe it's the gun in his hand, the muzzle of it pressed against your skin.

"Now that you understand the situation, you're not really going to bother resisting me any longer, are you? That would be a foolish waste of your energy. Energy which is better spent on other things, hm?"

Then he makes his intentions perfectly clear by trailing his fingers over that one place on your body that he knows will make you squirm with pleasure -- whether you want it or not.

*ooc: Let me know what kind of scenario you would like to go with here.Give in (and relish every minute of it), or resist and turn the tables if you prefer! I would rather not do actual non-con, but anything else from consensual bdsm to reluctantly enjoyed dub-con is fine. I'll try action or prose as you prefer; this is all practice for me, so feel free to give me pointers along the way, too. *

consensual bdsm y/y/penguins

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How on earth did this happen again? One moment he had just called Liam into his study, handing a sheaf of paper for him to dispatch to Pandora, and the next moment, his back's against the bookcase and there's books askew all over the floor.

Liam's much taller than him, and obviously heavier, and his fan's scattered among with his books.

He could summon Dodo, but-

"Who are you?" he snarls.

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"Get off me," he orders breathlessly, but he still won't raise Dodo against him. He couldn't. He wouldn't raise a hand willingly against Liam unless it was a matter of life or death, and as things stood, the ring of a gunshot would put Liam in a difficult situation— one that wouldn't warrant his death.
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He'd be fighting back, really, if it weren't for the gun. There is no question that he could have this man sprawled on the floor with the wind knocked out of him in mere seconds, and that Break could be out the door by the time Liam even realized what had happened. But the gun changes everything. One twitch of that finger, intentional or not, and somebody's brains are splattered against the wall.

It isn't worth the risk. Oh, how Break hates guns.

"Better spent, is it?" His tone is downright frigid, reminiscent of the more common Breaks around here when they're seriously contemplating slaughtering everyone in the room -- and chasing down whoever escapes, just for fun. His head tilts into that hand in his hair without his permission, but he holds Liam's gaze, and he does not squirm.

"Do you suppose you can actually handle me if I decide to put all my energy into that, hmm? Quite frankly, my dear, I have doubts."
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One eyebrow quirks. Then, greatly daring, Break steps forward, right up into Liam's personal space, leaning just slightly away from the gun.

"You have these," he says. One hand lifts to Liam's shoulder, and the other moves to his hip; gently, he traces the scars that rest underneath his clothes, knowing exactly where they are.

"That means, in your timeline, your Xerxes is very ill, isn't he? He can't see. He coughs up blood, frequently. He's often dizzy, but tries not to show it. He's losing his apettite and hides that as well." His tone is calm, bordering on sympathetic -- though whether he means it, and whether it's meant for this Liam or his Break, is uncertain. He stands up on his toes just enough to lean forward and murmur quietly in Liam's ear, "It's a shame you no longer get to enjoy him as the spitfire Xerxes Break is supposed to be...if you ever got to see it at all."
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Break doesn't smile so much as grin, but whatever point he was trying to make, he doesn't seem all that smug about it. That smile doesn't reach his eye at all. Liam, of all people, will be able to tell.

"You fink I don't hang about wiv the ovver Breaks here? I've seen what it's doing to them. And I've also seen Hatter in his proper form -- in the Abyss, even, albeit the fake one the mansion made." Now the grin reaches his eye. "I know exactly why they wanted that Chain."

Break reaches up to brush his knuckles against that spot behind Liam's ear. He knows about it, of course. The gun still makes him wary and the pulling of his hair is taken as the warning it is, but he's being a great deal more aggressive in response than he would be at home in a similar situation. Because that's the beauty of the mansion, really; even if he misjudges this entirely and gets himself killed, he'll live to see Hatter, Canterbury, a couple other Breaks, probably a Gilbertine and a whole slew of others come together in his defense.

Maybe even a Barma. It would be awfully inconvenient for the man to have to find another babysitter, and a death would upset the kids regardless.

And so.

"Why in the world would I try to replace one of me own counterparts? Goodness, I hope he never finds out you've gone chasing anovver him around behind his back. Sleeping around wiv different people he might understand, but --"
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Break's noticed the flinch, of course, and it's exactly the sort of thing he wanted to see -- between that and the release of his hair, it's clear the dynamic here is shifting. He doesn't jerk away from the gun, however; instead, he presses forward, boldly invading more of Liam's space. His hand moves to rest against Liam's chest, right over his heart.

"Would he? Would he really find it funny?" Break leans up to murmur directly into Liam's ear. "Because I wouldn't."
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Around here, he's nobody's Xerxes. He rather hates it, actually, but it's not something he'll ever say out loud.

"No, I'm not," he agrees instead, not moving. And then -- because there's an implication there if this Liam's Break really doesn't care if he runs around on him, and if Liam is in the habit of keeping him close by threatening violence; and because he's a Break, and Breaks in all their incarnations are reckless and more than a little cruel -- he adds, "I don't love you."

But he does love his own Liam, he means. His own Liam wouldn't have to usher him into bed with a gun.
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"Not entirely true."

It's more or less the truth, but he only says it out of spite, one last taunt. With that arm around his neck, the gun is pointing away from him, now, and he can fight. The other Breaks have been trained to be proud and noble knights, even if they will fight dirty; this Break is a street brawler first and foremost, taught to play dirty right from the start.

And he's very, very strong.

As Liam moves behind him, one of Break's legs moves back to twist itself around Liam's knee; he's aiming to put him off balance, and he'll shove himself against him at the same time, falling to the ground with him. Hopefully he can get an elbow into his gut on impact, but his attention is more on getting his thumb into the tendons of the other man's wrist -- the one that holds the gun. He wants it dropped, so he can knock the nasty thing out of reach and really let himself go.
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With that gun finally, finally out of his hair -- so to speak -- Break unleashes himself.

Well. More or less. It wouldn't do him any good to kill this Liam, and he doesn't really want to anyway; as completely separate as this one is from his own in his mind, that would still be a bit too much. So he just wails on him, letting him have some of that controlled, deliberate flailing that's always served him so well in close encounters like this. It's awkward at first, stuck on his side like this, but soon enough he's shoved his way into a sitting position and given himself the freedom to bolt.

He doesn't. Instead, he pins Liam down by way of straddling his stomach and gets ready to clock him a good one right in the jaw. Break would like to give this man a whole lot of painful reasons not to come after him again before he leaves.
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"I don't see that anybody's topping anybody here."

The angry look in Break's eye doesn't change, and neither does the stern, sneering tone in his voice. But when that hand goes for his throat, he goes rigid, completely still. Absolutely none of this is worth the potential of getting strangled; the fight's not out of him, and it probably won't ever be, but as long as that hand's on his neck, he'll back off.

Inwardly, he's cursing himself for not blocking that hand.
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Liam is confused and not very pleased that there is a gun against him, or that someone is pulling his hair--his scalp is sensitive, thank you.

He's even less pleased that it's a version of himself.

And the fact that he's in this position has him so tense that his jaw has a twitching tic.

"Get off of me. Handsy."

But who knows this body better than himself? He can't quite stop himself from reaction.

When he gets out of this situation...
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Liam's eyes narrow at the implication.

"He is not my Break, and I am not his Liam."

He watches that gun out of the corner of his eye, waiting for an opportunity.

"I believe I told you to get off. Didn't we already go over this?"

Liam is referring to the incident in the kissing closet.
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Except that this Liam was never interested in that Break in the first place--not in that way.

He goes very still when the muzzle of that gun is against his face, but he's just angry enough by the liberties the other Liam is taking to retort.

"Clearly the message didn't get through the first time. In case you didn't realize, the message was that I have no intention of finishing that conversation. I'll have to make sure to knee you harder and hope you're capable of learning."

He's wondering how he's going to get out of this one, though. The other Liam has a gun, and he wouldn't put it past him to be willing to use it and violate him anyway.
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Liam winces, a bit of fear going through him at the implications of that threat and the fact that the muzzle of the gun is pressing into his ear, but he still glares.

"I happen to have standards. You are far below them."

He grimaces as the touch turns into a caress.

"You're not a fit teacher."
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"I'm not a distasteful lech like you. We may look similar, but we are not the same person in the least."

He shudders in revulsion, hissing and trying to struggle again.

"Do you often force yourself on others? I could name several less repulsive than you."
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"I have a sense of decorum, at least. Enough of one that I don't go around groping people."

He jerks away from his mouth, wincing as the muzzle of the gun digs.

"Consider finding someone who does appreciates it, then. Get off."

Liam's eyes narrow further as he tries to resist the effect of what the other Liam is doing to his body.

"I would prefer even Barma to you."
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"You went quite a bit further than the Mansion demaaaaaah!"

Liam clamps his mouth shut and tries to kick away, gun or no gun. He doesn't want this, and at least he knows death isn't permanent here.
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Liam recovers enough to glare.

"I don't want to enjoy this with yo--nnng!"

He's becoming aroused despite himself, and he hates his counterpart for it. He gathers himself

"I'll let myself go when and with whom I please. I wouldn't have expected, before meeting you, that any version of me would be so inconsiderate as to force it on me."
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"You're the one who gropes everyone and I'm the weird one?"

The grinding makes him hiss through clenched teeth, and he butts his jaw against the other Liam's head, hoping to hit him in the temple, none too gently.

"Absolutely not. I refuse to participate in your perverted little games! I'd rather you shoot me!"

He's going to try to get leverage to flip his counterpart off of him now.
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"Your view is twisted."

The speed and force that his double uses to grab him and negate his attempt startles him. He winces at the gun jammed in his cheek and goes very still.

He doesn't have enough information about this Liam to call his bluff.

"If you do, you'll have several dangerous people in the Mansion after you when I inform them of the culprit."

Liam keeps his voice very calm, keeping his eyes away from both the gun and his counterpart's face.
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Okay, that threat is concerning. He heard about one of the Jacks being buried in the early days of this place, and having to dig his way out. One of his fears, given Hare's talent.

"You don't think they would come looking for me?"

But he knows it's likely people would assume the Mansion had sent him home. Except for Hare, who would know he was still here. But would they find him?

His eyes widen at the sight of the rope; he's never been tied up, not even in some of the situations he'd found himself in spying for Barma.

"Why do you insist on forcing yourself on me?"